Comedy Magic & Mind Reading Stand-Up Show

The Perfect Entertainment For Your Important Event!

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Russ Peak walks on stage like most speakers or comedians, in his hands are a few simple items – a pen, a drawing pad, and a few envelopes. Then within of his start, he captures the imaginations of his entire audience and leads them through an interactive experience that they will never forget!

This incredible performance is an award-winning blend of magic & mind reading combined with audience participation, and a side-splitting dose comedy!

Your guests are going to love it!

  • Unspoken thoughts are revealed from the minds of spectators.

  • The outcome of impossible situations are predicted correctly.

  • Unseen designs are drawn and duplicated.

  • Borrowed objects are used in ways that can only be explained as unbelievable

Russ Peaks stand-up performance is flexible, and can range from 15-90 minutes. It’s a perfect choice for corporate banquets, conferences, holiday events, and just about any occasion where you need to keep your guests amazed and laughing. This is the one they’ll be talking about the show for months to come.

Strolling / Close-Up Magic

Russ’ unique style or close-up magic allows the audience to experience magic on an intimate level. This is done while he walks from audience to audience, ranging in size from one individual to small groups of ten or so. He performs sleight of hand miracles using cards, coins, rope, and whatever else he can get his hands on. It’s the perfect way to build the excitement and keep your guests mixing during cocktail hour, hospitality suite, or Monte Carlo Night. The illusions occur in the hands of the participants and allow the audience to take part in the art of magic as they never have before!

  • Close-up magic is a great conversation starter.

  • It can be done anywhere, under any conditions.

  • It does not interrupt the flow of the event.

  • It’s FUN!!

We guarantee that when you bring Russ to your event you’ll see why he’s a favorite entertainer for meeting planners who want exciting and captivating entertainment. Plus, his presentation will always be 100% clean and appropriate for any audience. Your guest’s experience will never contain any material that is sexual, sexist, racist, political, profane, or anything that would ever make your most conservative audience member raise an eyebrow.

Don’t take our word for it… 



Don’t wait!

Make your event the one they’ll be talking about all year long!!!